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When compared to other rooms in the house, lighting a bathroom is frequently overlooked. However, as bathrooms become larger and more complicated, good bathroom lighting design is critical to maximising and making the bathroom more beautiful and properly organised.  

The following are ways to properly light up your bathroom. They include;

  1. Choose the most suitable bulbs: The ideal bulbs for the bathroom are those that emit clean white light. Use halogen lighting since it can give a room a wonderful glistening effect. Although halogens are more expensive, they also last longer. Compact fluorescent lamps with good colour output can also be used. When purchasing bulbs, inquire which ones would be best for your bathroom.
  2. Install task lights: It is critical that you install task lighting on the vanity and in the shower. However, if the bathroom is compact, two task lights may not be essential if one light can adequately brighten the entire space. Task lighting will allow you to see where you're going while also allowing you to check yourself.
  3. Use the proper bulb wattage for the bathroom: For guest bathrooms and master bathrooms, use 75-100 watt bulbs. The wattage for compact fluorescent would be 24-26, while for LED, it would be 20-25. You can also install dimmers to make it easier to alter the light when you wake up in the morning. 45-watt lights can be used in powder rooms.
  4. Explore Natural light: Natural light is unrivalled! As a result, make sure your bathroom has windows. This way, it lightens the bathroom up by the natural rays of the sun.
  5. Ensure safe installation of the lighting and bulbs: Let us not forget about safety while we decorate our bathrooms with illumination. As a result, always seek the advice of professionals while installing lighting. For bathroom safety, keep in mind that water and electricity aren't friends. As a result, be cautious at all times.

The information above will guide you through the proper lighting of your bathroom as it is very important to properly light up our bathrooms as it makes the bathroom more attractive, it also helps to avoid darkness in the bathroom and allows us to carry out our daily duties in a lit-up bathroom.

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