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BATHROOM STYLING TIPS FOR YOUR SPACE Bathroom styling can be an issue people face when ensuring their bathrooms are comfortable and receptive. In other to provide a solution to this issue, we’d be providing different ways to style your bathroom and achieve a stylish bathroom for you and for your guests. TWENTY WAYS TO STYLE YOUR BATHROOM Do you want a bathroom that lives beyond its name? Try out the following tips Use of a patterned or bold wallpaper: Beautifying your bathroom walls with patterned and bold wallpapers makes the bathroom more beautiful and stylish. It adds a touch of luxury to the bathroom and brings the space alive. Use of smart organisers: Instead of having items littered around the bathroom, a smart organiser is useful for the bathroom neat and more organised. Toilet paper holders: Get a toilet paper holder. It will help structure the toilet papers for use, prevent wastage and also add decency to your bathroom. Toilet holders come in different colours and stages that can serve as a pop to your space. Curtains and Wall Dividers: Curtains are a popular way of styling the bathroom. Try different forms, shapes, or fabrics of your choice to help add spice to the bathroom. Hanging baskets: Like organisers, baskets in a bathroom helps to store items in a bathroom. This way, items can be properly stored and easily accessible. It gives your bathroom a rustic look. Tiles: Do you know your feet tell a story? Especially of where they have been. Help your guests and even you, get comfy on their feet and move around on their feet. Door and towel racks: Racks are an excellent addition to the bathroom, as it helps store items such as towels in an ordered manner. Framed or designed mirrors: Mirrors in a bathroom give it a touch of luxury and also make the bathroom more stylish and comfortable. Also makes a great place for selfies. White and neutral decoration: Another beautiful way to style a bathroom is by making the bathroom all white. White helps brighten up the bathroom and make it more luxurious. Small planters: Give your space a touch of nature to the bathroom, make it more natural and even purify the air you will be breathing. Ever considered it? Track lights: Lighting is a beautiful way to style a bathroom. Nobody wants a dull space. This is because, with the use of track lights, the bathroom is lit up, adding a bright look to the bathroom. Use of dotted wallpapers: Give your bathroom a cool look with dotted wallpapers. Use of bath mats and rugs: Bath mats and rugs make a bathroom more luxurious, it gives it a more expensive and beautiful feel. Use of arts and paintings: Allow a bit of art such as drawings and portraits. It is another way of styling your bathroom. It makes the bathroom more alive. Use of paints: Bathroom paintings are very important in styling a bathroom. Don’t want to try white as suggested, give it a pop of colour. Install a shelf: this might look confusing, as thoughts like, why do I need a shelf in my bathroom? Might crop up, but having a shelf in a bathroom makes it more organised. Think of it as a mini closet. Laundry basket: this is a basic way of styling the bathroom. Stop heaping clothes on your chairs and get a laundry basket. Repaint: Do you have an already painted bathroom that doesn’t look to match up with your taste anymore? Or your bathroom tiles are fading out? Repaint. By repainting such a bathroom, the bathroom is fresh, transformed and made more stylish. Replace worn-out and old furniture: Replacing old furniture in the bathroom will renew its style and make it look brand new. Bathtub tray: A bathtub tray makes it easy to experience luxury in the bathroom by doing other things such as drinking wine, holding the wineglass and bottle, holding your phone and holding up scented candles. Ever thought of these? Well, it is time you try it out. These styling tips will help you attain the bathroom of your dreams. Which would you be trying out first?

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